more tidbits to remember

  • no toilet paper at home, only use the hose sitting next to the toilet
  • we drink lots of diet tea
  • pushing your way through buses packed tighter than you could ever imagine, any metro city in the US doesn’t even begin to compare to the amount of people on these buses
  • drinking beer almost all of the time
  • BANANA PIZZA!! (sounds gross, but is actually amazing)
  • my little sister in my host family is 2, the terrible two’s are universal—she’s actually kind of evil and bit me the other day, not because she’s teething but because I didn’t give her the piece of rusty metal to put in her mouth 😦
  • our program coordinator, in addition to being mad sketchy, apparently holds the keys of knowledge to the entire African diaspora (I don’t mean this in an admirable way, it’s actually pretty ridiculous)—-For the obies: picture a short version of johnny coleman with johnny’s holistic personality mixed with the “all-knowing-of-things-black” part of Ade, and the verbosity of Caroline, then a pinch of the male sketchiness of justin and marcus belgrave— it’s the ultimate mixture of craziness!!!
  • eating shrimp with the skin
  • practically playing monkey bars on the bus trying to hang on while moving from the back to the front
  • “Preto Rap” signs

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