One of these things is not like the other…

So this trip has been mad interesting: the people, the program, and the coordinator—who’s interesting for a number of reasons :/. People are starting to show their true colors, especially ironic given that the number one culprit of this is someone who goes out of the way to avoid obtaining any sort of color from the outside: an interesting feat while in brazil. I’m just looking at the crazy disorganization of this program as the rocky road to November where I finally get to do my research in Salvador, Bahia.

My family is really growing on me, especially as the channels of communication open up, which is going to slow for me because our portuguese classes have a whack structure, but it’ll come I suppose.

Things of note/to remember about brazil thus far:

  • “tomar banho e comer”—always! (you have to shower before practically every meal at home, when you get home, and for practically any reason—your sick, your foot hurts, you want to lose weight, etc) this should be a rule in oberlin, ps
  • “oito, oito, oito, oito, m, m, m, dois” -thats for folks in my portuguese class 🙂
  • i live on a mad scary street aparently
  • no doorbells, just clap
  • suco is the best

more to come when I remember more

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