The Lost Art of Writing

Remember when we used to write to each other with a pen on a piece of paper? We wrote notes and letters in our everyday communication, we sent cards for every occasion with personalized messages in addition to whatever was pre-printed, and we actually wrote out thank you cards? Everything is electronic now, the art…

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Disengaged but Reconnecting

I got an email today from Tumblr saying Happy 5th Birthday. It’s been five years since I started that blog–since I started blogging period. Which means it’s also been five years since I began a very transformative study abroad experience in Brazil, which was the very reason I began blogging so as to keep my family in touch with what…

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Inga Musico on Racism

While millions of white folks are committed to—if not chomping at the bit for—a “post-racism” time, few seem willing to see our own racism, how it operates inside our hearts and the difficult work that is required in order to uproot it. I know there are many kinds of racism and hatreds, and whites are not the only folks who choose to engage with the world in this way. However, and this is a big however, white folks, whether consciously or not, inherit a life in the dominant culture and if that is not reckoned with, white racism will continue as if has for the past 500 years in the Americas.

Inga Musico, essay, ‘Til the White Day is Done

About me Challenge: Day 2

How did I get my tumblr name? Well I wrote it on my tumblr where the name originates but for the sake of the challenge I’ll explain again. When I was in Brazil we’d have these ridiculous afternoon seminars most of which were either in Portuguese (therefore incomprehensible for the first 2 months) or was…

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