Amandla! Ngawethu!

This has been a resounding cry for the last 3 weeks as I’ve participated in the International People’s Health University (IPHU), the South African National Health Assembly (NHA), and the Third People’s Health Assembly (PHA3), all here in Cape Town. The phrase means: Power to us! And it is shouted as if it were a…

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Mobilizing for Health for All

You can’t have accountability if you don’t have a standard, therefore campaign to entrench concrete obligations and enforcement mechanisms for the right health in international law through a framework agreement for the right to health

Mark Heywood (Section 27, SA) during a plenary session on “Beyond the Current Crisis: Mobilizing for Health for All”

Liberation Medicine

Okay, I haven’t posted in a MINUTE! But between a really poor internet connection in the house that I’m residing in Cape Town and (finally) becoming more busy in my daily activities, I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write a post. A couple of weeks ago I started doing the background…

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