I’m Officially the ‘Angry Black Woman’ of the Apartment

This is just a lesson to me in the future to be VERY mindful of who I live with in the future. I live in close quarters with 3 white people (living the middle class single life dream) Before some people go off the deep about this being racist, let’s chalk it up to differences…

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Contradictions are Overwhelming

I already didn’t want to be in my own apartment because my roommates wanted to have this house party. It was originally gonna be themed “climate change” which [thankfully] got nixed in the 11th hour. But I have roommates who straight-faced can tell me how you can’t really live comfortably off of $30,000 a year.…

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The More Americans That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes

JP Morgan is the largest processor of food stamp benefits in the United States. JP Morgan has contracted to provide food stamp debit cards in 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. JP Morgan is paid for each case that it handles, so that means that the more Americans that go on food stamps, the more profits JP Morgan makes. Yes, you read that correctly. When the number of Americans on food stamps goes up, JP Morgan makes more money. In a video, JP Morgan executive Christopher Paton admits that this is “a very important business to JP Morgan” and that it is doing very well. Considering the fact that the number of Americans on food stamps has exploded from 26 million in 2007 to 43 million today, one can only imagine how much JP Morgan’s profits in this area have soared.

The More Americans That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes


To those who say nasty shit about people receiving public assistance

There was an article on yahoo today about how the 24 hour grocery stores will be packed midnight the day that food stamps hit the EBT cards. The article mostly just talked about how unfortunate it is that even after the recession is technically over, people are still having a hard time and that we’re…

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