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Struggle for Freedom

Thursday and Friday of my week in Joburg/Pretoria were spent at museums. The first place we visited was Freedom Park in Pretoria. It was highly rated online but I wonder how many people actually visit, because it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive through some pretty dodgy areas to get there. Once we arrived we found a pretty incredible facility, which is saying something, as I’ve visited many museums and monuments. We did both the museum and the guided tour of the Garden of Remembrance, and since there really weren’t any visitors at the park that day so we got to take our time. The layout of the park and the symbolism behind its designs and monument was really beautiful. But the one aspect of the park that probably stood out the most was the Wall of Names. In the US we all know the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This wall was similar, listing the names of all those who fell over the course of South Africa’s participation in different wars as …

Journalist: Do you feel, however, that we’re making progress in this country? Malcolm X: No, no. I will never say that progress is being made. If you stick a knife in my back 9 inches and pull it out 6 inches, that’s not progress. If you pull it all the way out, that’s not progress. Progress is healing the wound that the blow made. They won’t even admit that the knife is there!