MC Elis – 6 year old Brazilian musical artist

This young girl is over here singing about: Loving her natural hair: it’s NOT dry/hard, it’s her crown as a queen Being sick of racism Pride in her Blackness: referring to herself explicitly as Black (preta) rather than one of the endless other terms that refer to color (mulata, moreninha) but try to maintain distance…

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Big soda companies have billions of dollars to tell their story, but we have each other. Oh—and we have the truth. Help The Real Bears spread the truth about soda by sharing the film.

Facebook it. Tweet it. Pin it. Google+ it. Email the link to your friends and relatives. Show it at school. Sit down and watch it with your whole family. Host a movie night and watch it before the main feature. Talk about The Real Bears on your YouTube show. Embed it on your website or blog.
Have at it. You are the messenger.

Sharing is the only means we have to make sure the unhappy truth about soda gets out to the world.

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Mi Casa–La Vida

This music groups is actually South African based but the lead singer is Portuguese (still doesn’t explain the Spanish title of the group or the Spanish title of this song that’s in portuguese…hmmm). But I learned about them over the summer and I really love them a lot, which is surprising since I don’t really enjoy house music. Anyway, I know a pretty good deal of portuguese, but there are still words here and there that I can’t catch, and there are no lyrics online anywhere. So anybody fluent in portuguese who can catch all the words SEND ME THE LYRICS!! Otherwise enjoy.

For you non-speakers the main chorus is saying: this life is so beautiful it makes me cry.

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Wake the F*$@ Up! and GO VOTE!

Obviously my opinion is a bit biased, but regardless, everyone needs to get registered to vote. Voter registration deadlines are in the next 10-12 days.

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