I’m Officially the ‘Angry Black Woman’ of the Apartment

This is just a lesson to me in the future to be VERY mindful of who I live with in the future. I live in close quarters with 3 white people (living the middle class single life dream) Before some people go off the deep about this being racist, let’s chalk it up to differences…

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Marc Lamont Hill on Depicting Black Americans

They call us lazy, but they made us slaves. They called us uncivilized, but they let us raise their children. They call us dirty, but for much of the 20th century, blacks worked in the homes of whites as cooks and maids.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill (via headwrapandcamera)

About me Challenge: Day 10

Worst day of my life… I think I’ve been pretty fortunate as far as not having many major life upsets. And even if they seemed like the worst thing ever at the time thinking about what the worst day of my life may be is hard to recall. So the first thing that comes to…

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