Black National Anthem

For whatever reason, yesterday morning I may have spent over an hour watching different youtube versions of the Black National Anthem aka Lift Every Voice and Sing. I guess I was looking for that perfect version: one that wasn’t too fast, that was arranged in parts instead of just singing the basic melody, one that had a good amount of bass in it, and one that played a specific musical phrase with what I consider to be the correct note even if it’s not the one commonly played (that’s pretty vague but barring my filming a video of myself singing the difference, you’re just gonna have to go with that explanation). Anyway, I never found that perfect version, but of the ones I did find one rose to the top as my favorite.

While in this rabbit hole of song versions, I came across a lot of very…let’s just say, interesting, ones. The 70s and 80s produced some interesting video productions of Lift Every Voice and Sing. Some of them were just fun re-interpretations, and others were oddly dramatic. I think I’m going to post those periodically throughout the month so everyone can get a good chuckle. But for now we’ll start out with the favorite by the group Committed from NBC’s the Sing-Off: