Fun with Squash

Tis the season for all things squash and gourd-like, namely it’s pumpkin season, or rather, it’s pumpkin-spice flavored season. I typically rail against the flood of pumpkin flavored things this time of year because there’s literally zero pumpkin in the majority of the things marketed, and most of it is supremely over processed. However, I usually do go and buy a pumpkin, bake it, and make some type of pumpkin dessert. And by the way when I say dessert I’m NOT talking about pumpkin pie; I’m pretty strictly anti-pumpkin pie given how close it comes to tasting like sweet potato pie without quite making it.

This year I doubled down on the squash family: I bought a sugar pumpkin and then I saw a strange looking squash on sale and decided to buy it–a buttercup squash. The past few years I’ve made flan with the pumpkin puree I baked, but this year I didn’t feel like putting in that much effort or eating so much dairy. So this year, upon scouring recipes for the buttercup squash, since I’ve never cooked one eaten one or even seen one before,  I found a recipe that looked interesting. But I didn’t actually use the buttercup squash for the buttercup squash recipe, I used the pumpkin.

The end result

-Pumpkin bars in two variations, the first as the recipe read (minus the butter in the puree), and the second with double the pumpkin puree and the crust divided into two pans for a thinner crunchy crust. Of the two experiments I preferred the puree without the butter but I liked the thinner crust on the second. If I did it a third time I think it’d be perfect

Attempt one: regular recipe
Attempt two: thinner crust

-Mashed maple bourbon buttercup squash with crumbled bacon on top. Delicious!


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