Month: July 2015

Day 37: House Hunting

November 19, 2014 Prior to Efrem’s moving here we had been talking about my moving out of my current apartment due to its wealth of “visitors,” lack of insulation, and no HVAC, which made for freezing winters and sweltering summers. It’s in a great location for a decent price but even beyond the aforementioned three drawbacks, there also isn’t enough usable space and no storage space whatsoever. I’d been looking for months for new apartments to move to, but the rents I was seeing were just ‘too-damn-high!’ So I toyed with the idea of buying a house. If I’m going to pay upwards of $1100 in rent, I may as well invest in a house. But of course my ideas of what kind of house I want and the money I had didn’t line up. Not that I wanted some super-upgraded turn-key house, I just wanted a classically New Orleans house in a central location—somewhere that I could still walk to something. Not the french quarter or anything like that, but I wanted to be able to …

Day 25: Getting an Education

November 7, 2014: Getting an Education

We got an appointment with the Chancellor of SUNO (Southern University of New Orleans) to discuss Efrem’s enrollment so that he could finally finish the degree he started back in SA. SUNO has managed to foster a very welcoming environment for international students, particularly students from the African continent, given that the Chancellor himself is originally from Nigeria.