Month: June 2015

Day 14: Watching TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé

So, we’re sitting there eating and watching this show, as they introduce these different couples all going through the K-1 Visa process. And this was, perhaps, the first time I really came to the conclusion that reality TV is NOT real. I mean we all know to some extent that it’s scripted and edited for entertainment value, but this mess just could not be real at all. Given the amount of crazy we are in the middle of going through with this immigration process, the stories of the couples on this show are just not plausible AT ALL.

Day 12 (prologue): Culture Shock, or How to Pump Gas

Early Morning of October 25, 2014 In South Africa, when you pull up to a gas station, they have service attendants. This concept is mostly foreign to Americans, unless you live in New Jersey. So when I stopped to get gas on our way to Destin, he started asking me all these questions about the process of pumping gas, and I had totally forgotten that he’d never pumped his own gas. He didn’t watch me this time, because it was unusually cold outside, but when I filled up in preparation for our return trip to New Orleans, he got out and studied the process–how to pay at the machine, choose the type of gas, and then actually fill it and know when to stop it. It’s the little things.

Days 11, 17, & 18: First Halloween

First Halloween Halloween this year was pretty stretched out for us because there were a number of events I had to/wanted to participate in before the day of Halloween. This being Efrem’s first Halloween EVER, I was pretty hype, but before he even arrived here I got a lot of pushback about participating in Halloween–mostly the whole dressing up and going out part– ‘It’s for kids,’ he says. He kept trying to convince me that we should just stay in on Halloween night, or that if we must go out, that he would just dress normally. Neither choice was acceptable, I mean we live in New Orleans, the land of adults dressing up on a seemingly regular Tuesday, let alone on event surrounding Halloween. So I tried to ease him into it. We had three nights to go out including Halloween itself, and they all required costumes. It started October 24 with a Halloween party fundraiser that my group, the Sirens, organized to benefit a local non-profit that provides services to youths. That night we went as amalgamations of blaxploitation characters. …