13 Day Diet: Results

This post should have come a couple days ago, but between baking non-stop and my computer getting fried from spilling my pho, it got delayed. And writing a post on a tablet is just really not ideal, but oh well.

I actually ended my diet a day early, so 12 day diet instead of 13. Although the directions say its supposed to be done for the exact specified time with hints that it won’t work properly otherwise. But hey, poboy fest was calling my name. I weighed myself sunday morning and my final weigh-in was 163: ten pound weight loss. I attempted to resume normal eating, and was anxious to do so, but I really had no appetite for “regular” food. But I will say I was happy to be able to put a bit of sugar and milk in my coffee.

In retrospect, I probably could’ve skipped poboy fest. I ate one and was full. I tried to eat some crawfish and crab mac n cheese, and even with just the half portion, I couldn’t even finish half of that. Don’t get me started on how painful it was to try and finish just one can of beer. Smh. So I took the rest of my food home (the half a cup of mac n cheese I had left). I forced myself to finish it, mistakenly putting hot sauce on it because it was bland, and didn’t eat the rest of the night because I was bursting at the seams. Even with all the cookies I baked that night, I wasn’t tempted to eat, and only tried them to make sure they weren’t nasty.

I paid for that hot sauce the next day. I live for spicy food, but after two weeks of blandness, my body revolted. Out of curiosity I weighed myself the next morning to see if ending my diet a day early to resume “normal” eating undid all of my efforts like the websites hinted at. I apparently gained 3 pounds in one day. But I know that’s not real. It’s almost physically impossible to do unless you sit and gorge. The body is a funny thing. Anyway, two days later, I still really don’t have much of an appetite. Eating just a little bit makes me very full, so Thanksgiving will certainly be interesting. I’m gonna have to consciously tell myself to pace myself and take very small portions unless I want to feel slightly sick every time I eat like I have been these past two days.

This diet was difficult, especially the first week. The second week I didn’t have those overwhelming desires to want to quit, I was just counting down the days. And honestly, I only ended early so I could stop being a hermit and spend some time with folks I hadn’t seen in awhile. Even with all of the food at poboy fest I was really hesitant to eat, and that wasn’t something I anticipated feeling. I probably could’ve left there without buying anything, but in my head it seemed like the perfect place to have my first real taste of food after 2 weeks.

I think doing that mini fast got me to reevaluate my relationship with food. It definitely altered my appetite. The one good thing is it got me in the habit of drinking a lot of water. The first week it was a struggle to get down 2 liters of water. The second week I always felt thirsty so I was flying through those two liters and then some. I think it certainly helps prevent that extra weight of water retention, which is probably what that 3 pound weight gain in one day is since I certainly didn’t eat that much.

Anyway, if you’re up for a fast/diet, I would give this one a try. You still eat full meals, minus breakfast on some days, and you give your body a probably much needed rest from refined sugars, a lot of starches, and all alcohol. Even if it isn’t true that I’ll keep off this weight for an entire year, it was nice to get over that hump of getting under 170 as well as alter my eating habits for the positive.

Now I need to get back to strength training and resuming my personal goal of running a half marathon in the next year.