13 day diet, 7 days in

I’ve magically made it to the halfway point of this 13 day diet adventure. I won’t lie. Every single day of this diet I’ve wanted to quit and go in my kitchen and cook until there’s nothing left in my pantry but empty containers. And the weekend was worse, not because there were any particular plans I had to miss out on, but because the onslaught of Christmas movies just makes me want to bake cookies and drink hot chocolate. But here it is, day 7, and there are fewer days left than I’ve completed.

What I already knew, was that I’m an emotional eater. I eat for comfort, I treat myself to nice foods when I’ve accomplished something, I have a nice glass of wine to relax, and I cook in general to kill time. Now that I can do none of those things, it’s becoming even more apparent how much I rely on food and cooking and I’m having to find other ways to deal with boredom, stress, and anxiety. 13 days isn’t really a long time, but when you can’t do one of the activities that you LOVE, it feels like an eternity.

Now for the numbers. Last monday, I weighed 173.2 lb. This morning: 166 lb. For a whopping 7 pound weight loss in 7 days. I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but I don’t really lose weight that easily. And it’s not that the diet prevents you from eating, it’s just restrictive on the types of foods. But not on portion sizes. For pretty much every meal, unless it specifies a number, you can eat as much of it as you want. Granted there’s only so many carrots you can eat, I can eat a block of cheese pretty easily, and a whole lot of ham, steak, yogurt, and fruit. Even in the morning, I can eat about 4 slices of toast easily. I will say, that I have been eating generously for some of those meals, and yet, here we are, 7 pounds lighter. I mentioned this once when I was visiting Taiwan, that even though all my education would state otherwise, I’m getting this creeping feeling that portion sizes aren’t our issue, maybe it’s more so the over the top food processing and the need to tailor the types of food we eat to our particular digestive tracts/metabolisms. The portions I got in Taiwan were humongous, and I usually couldn’t finish it, meanwhile my Taiwanese counterparts were scraping the bowl. And there they were, small as twigs, and I gained 5 pounds. But that may be because I’m not built for a high-carb diet and all that dairy between rice/noodles and bubble milk tea.

Anyway, what I’ll be interested to know is whether a year or two from now, I will have kept off the weight even after resuming my normal eating, as the diet advertises. I guess you can check back with me in a year, or you can try it yourself. Until then, back to my steak and fruit.