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3×2 – DIY: Upcycled T-shirts

This DIY had multiple outputs, because I did a couple of t-shirts that came out kind of crazy looking. So then I did a few more. But there is only one that I really liked and it’s probably because I didn’t attempt to turn it into a racerback tank top–all of those came out a bit lopsided. One was very close, and I think I can make it better by untying the back and trying to tighten it differently. So picture below is just of the one that I actually liked, but I did make a few tank tops that will be for workout purposes only.

I forgot to take before photos, but just picture a shapeless, generic t-shirts:


Couldn’t rotate the photos inside of wordpress–too lazy to do it and then re-upload

DSC09524 DSC09528

And now you can see into my messy apartment

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