Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana? I’m Not

I haven’t been blogging much but between the superbowl, and mardi gras, and finding a practicum, I’m just now getting some sort of schedule together. Now I know I said I was going to try and go paleo for the month of September, but those two major events kind of made that near impossible, so I restarted at lent with a somewhat less stringent dietary challenge of being gluten- and dairy-free. What’s the difference? The rest of those grains, root vegetables, and legumes I couldn’t eat on paleo–expanding my food options. With the elimination of gluten and dairy, plus exercising with Zuzana’s ZCUT dvds, I’ve already lost over 5 pounds. Now I have to get back to running before the Shamrock 8K Run in mid-March

Anyway, the other part of my challenge to myself is to eat more local foods, so I finally went ahead and did a 4-week subscription to Hollygrove Market home delivery and I’m getting my meat from Cleaver & Co, the butchery that gets all their meat from local farms (one of which raises only grass fed cattle). The only other food I’m buying from the store now are some grains (if I don’t get any in my box), beans, gluten free flours, nut butters, and any other bulk items I may need for baking.

While only eating the produce in my box means I’m eating more seasonally, it also means that I can get sick of certain items that keep appearing in my box, namely beets, green onions (they’re too slimy), and CITRUS! Because it’s citrus season I get 4-5 different varieties of citrus fruits in every box and I really don’t enjoy eating citrus fruits besides using lemon for my tea. I’m accumulating massive amounts of citrus fruit in my house since I can’t bring myself to eat it. So a few weeks ago I made a citrus liqueur in order to rid myself of the first batch of fruits. Today I made a gluten-free orange cake. The cake is outstanding; very moist. Although the process of making it was a bit weird.

All in all my experiments in the kitchen have been positive this weekend.

Lamb Neck Pot Roast Recipe










Gluten-Free Blood Orange Cake