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Paleo Month

I’ve been seeing a lot written about the paleo diet, about how much sense it makes evolutionarily speaking. So I’m giving in and trying it out for a month. And what does this mean? Most simply it means no dairy and no grains in my diet anymore. There’s more to it than that, and I’ve found it varies a little bit depending on who you ask–as in whether legumes and other root vegetables can be eaten (like potatoes). For my own sake, I’m going to try and just limit those two categories as opposed to eliminating them entirely, especially since my hollygrove box often comes with sweet potatoes.

There’s a lot of controversy about the idea of this diet, namely that it doesn’t truly represent the “caveman’s” diet and that eating a lot of meat may not be healthy, especially grain fed meat. My thoughts are, eating considerable amounts of meat–especially fatty meats–probably isn’t the best idea. With my month, I’m going to try and eat more produce than meat, and try and stick to lean meats and a lot of seafood (which isn’t hard living in New Orleans). The challenge is going to be added salt and added sugar, which is a killer. Also resisting fried foods will be difficult between the Super Bowl, mardi gras, every other festival weekend–and just New Orleans in general.

I will probably give myself some exceptions–like if I get invited out to eat at an ethnic food restaurant. I’m not not going to eat some noodles at a Vietnamese restaurant or rice at a Mexican place. I will make a best effort to be strict for a month, but really I want to move more towards moderation–limiting carbohydrates, greatly limiting/almost eliminating any added sugars, and eating much more fresh produce.

Additionally, I’ve gone back to doing former Body Rock TV host, Zuzana’s workouts. I was much more successful in being fit with her 5-20 minute workouts than the two months of INSANITY, which was pretty hard on my knees and just took so long. I think INSANITY did make me stronger, but I don’t think my body appreciated all that pounding. I’ve started the ZCUT 3 month videos (which were much much cheaper) and each workout is pretty short.

We’ll see how this goes…


  1. hey cuz, this is Yasmin….explain to me how this diet works, I need to loose 57 pounds according to my doctor, I am obese (I’m 4’11” and 177 pounds) So, I need to get to my ideal weight of 120 pounds. So please tell me how this diet works I need to do something since my health is in trouble as of lately! Love you, Yasmin (Carpenter) Holloway


    • Well I’m not a dietician so you may want to consult a professional before making any drastic changes. But the Paleo diet essentially is one where all dairy and grains are eliminated as well as root vegetables and legumes. You eat a diet of fruits and vegetables that could be gathered and meats eggs and nuts. The premise is that you eat like the hunter gatherer societies. I had to loosen up a bit and just became gluten free (no wheat) and dairy free while limiting starchy vegetables like potatoes and avoiding processed foods and added sugar all together


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