I had to put INSANITY on pause while I moved and had finals. And by “had to,” I mean, I already wasn’t sleeping trying to finish everything and was living off of coffee and energy drinks, adding a brutal hour workout to that would have been the death knell to my finishing all my work because it would’ve been too physically draining to not go to sleep.

I got to Cape Town a week ago and the addition of jetlag to 2 weeks of not sleeping properly meant I took the first week here off as well. So 2.5 weeks later, I’ve resumed these workouts. Unsurprisingly, my workout yesterday was a bit brutal. Although, it certainly didn’t help that I was just getting over a bout of mild food poisoning.

Anyway, if I’d stayed on track I would’ve finished the program before new year’s, but now it seems like no such luck. But it doesn’t really matter, because the point is to have exercise be part of a permanent lifestyle adjustment that isn’t bound to time limits, short-term goals of looking good in a bikini, or new year’s resolutions. So maybe it’s good that I have to finish INSANITY over xmas and new years. I think after I finish and get back to NOLA I’ll start running and doing yoga again–and maybe I’ll do INSANITY a couple times a week.

Of course, if the world does in fact end this week (*side eye*), it really won’t matter at all.