Today I was angry. Like super pissed. Because today I started the second month of the INSANITY program, where the workouts get harder and longer. Well today was even worse, because before I even started the 59 minute workout, I had to do the fit test, which took like another 35 minutes. Of course, I wanted to see how much I had improved over the weeks so I was pushing myself pretty hard on the fit test. I beat all of my last scores, some by a wide margin. But then when I finished with that and put on the next dvd for the Max interval circuit, I just got angry, because I was mentally checked out.

The warm-up was long as hell, and then the workout just kept going and going…and going. I also did not eat enough before I started doing all this, so I was weak within minutes. My body just felt wrecked. I finished the hour long workout and kept up/pushed myself as best I could despite feeling like collapsing and crying. Tomorrow I will be sure to fuel up a bit better before starting so my body doesn’t feel like giving out. And anyway, I will only have to do one workout. But trying to stay positive, this second month is so exhausting that maybe I’ll start seeing some incredible results over the next four weeks, especially since I need be bikini ready for my upcoming vacation. :/ On that note, maybe I need to up my workouts to two-a-days.

Thanksgiving is in a few days though, which is generally when I gorge out on food. But I think this year we’ve agreed to try and cook a healthier dinner, and I will put myself to the test of pacing myself. Besides, I still will have to bring my dvds to my parents house and workout there. Should be interesting.

Fit Test Results:

Exercise: Test 1|Test 2|Test 3

  • switch kicks: 45|92|113
  • power jacks: 32|45|51
  • power knees: 66|77|103
  • power jumps: 16|22|30
  • globe jumps: 8|8|9
  • suicide jumps: 11|16|15
  • push-up jacks: 18|23|24
  • low-plank oblique: 32|42|50