INSANITY–2 weeks down

I’ve completed two weeks of INSANITY, and I honestly think I’m starting to see some results. I don’t have a scale so I don’t know how much or if I’ve actually lost pounds, but I feel like my clothes are starting to fit better, so that’s a plus. My problem is, that I think is a pretty common problem, is that I build muscle mass pretty quickly. So while I may be getting right and tight, I also get kinda bulky, especially my legs. I haven’t quite figured out the right formula of diet and exercise that allows me to get lean without getting big–maybe there isn’t one. Who knows?

But every two weeks on the workout you have to do a fit test. The goal, of course, being to get better each time. There are 8 exercises and you do them each for a minute with a brief rest in between. I definitely improved on most exercises, only one stayed the same. Again, it’s very apparent that my weaknesses are really quad/glutes because anything requiring squat jumps showed the least improvement. But 50% of these workouts are mental–being able to get past the mental barrier that I couldn’t possibly do another rep and just going for it. So hopefully the end of these two months will show improved mental strength in addition to physical strength.

Fit Test Results:

Exercise: Week 1|Week 2

  • switch kicks: 45|92
  • power jacks: 32|45
  • power knees: 66|77
  • power jumps: 16|22
  • globe jumps: 8|8
  • suicide jumps: 11|16
  • push-up jacks: 18|23
  • low-plank oblique: 32|42