Today the real workout began. I woke up dumb early, again (like 5 AM early) and got a snack and turned on the video. The warm up had me done. We did it three times and each time it got faster. And then the workout?….*blinks*…let’s just say Shaun T. didn’t misname this workout video.

I’ve watched a number of  different exercise dvds–pilates, yoga, hip hop aerobics, mixed aerobics, and so on and so forth. I don’t actually enjoy them, which is why I never buy them. I borrow them, and then promptly return them once I feel thoroughly stupid doing the routines. But in all of those videos I have never, EVER, seen the people they hire to look good and do the workout in those videos fall out on the floor. Usually they’re super pumped up, sweating through their branded t-shirt, even while the trainer is yelling at them to go faster and push harder. And then they do the close up shots of some super fit woman wearing only some short shorts and a sports bra, or some man who has now removed said t-shirt to reveal his 12 pack, and they’re making crazy faces and exhaling all loud and dramatic, and just when you think they might give out, they push harder and beat their previous records.

In INSANITY, these same super fit and underdressed women and men are sweating and breathing all loudly and grunting, except these folks actually get tired and collapse. Another guy straight up walked off the “set” and got some water. It was pretty hilarious, and while I know I wasn’t pushing anywhere near as hard as they were, it was nice to know that I wasn’t alone in wanting to just lay on the floor.

These next two months will definitely be a journey. In just that one workout I’ve realized that I have some very weak quads and glutes. The jumping up and down really wears me out, which is sad. I grew up doing ballet which is a whole lot of quad and glute use from plies and turning out, and even more jumping. Those muscles used to be real strong. Now…not so much. Maybe things will change.