Unprocessed Week 1

It’s been fun eating unprocessed foods because it’s forced me to start cooking again, which I love doing but have been too lazy/too busy to do for the past few months. I think I’ve tripped up once or twice inadvertently (I’m thinking of some specialty cocktail I drank that definitely had marshmallows and chocolate syrup in it, both with mad artificial ingredients in it), but for the most part I’ve been pretty good. I’m trying to incorporate as much diversity in my diet as possible and to eat unprocessed healthy and not just unprocessed foods high in fat, sugar, and sodium.

This week in food:

  • collard greens
  • chicken peanut butter stew with a lot of veggies
  • cornbread from scratch–which I eat with my stew and also use as the “cake” base for strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream
  • omelette with rainbow chard and goat cheese
  • plantain chips
  • dandelion leaf pesto

I just bought a pumpkin and roasted it so I can make my own pumpkin puree for some fun recipes. First will be a vegan pumpkin bread and then a pumpkin flan, which I made last year that was DELICIOUS! I bought a lot of fruit and froze it for smoothies, but I think I need to buy more vegetables.

Anyhow, I’m having much fun. OH, the third picture is how I spent my afternoon skipping M&E–reading my evaluation book at the New Orleans Museum of Art while sipping on damn good espresso (like the best I’ve ever had) and a cocktail.

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