October Unprocessed

Last year one of my facebook friends posted a link about an eating challenge for the month of october from this website called Eating Rules. The challenge was to eat only unprocessed foods for the entire month of October and foods you were unsure of had to pass what is called the “kitchen test” (or whether or not you could make it at home to determine whether you should eat it). Anyway, I took the challenge last year for the month of October. In general it wasn’t too difficult for me because I try and make a concerted effort to eat well anyway, and I already read ingredient labels pretty in depth. But it did prove to be a challenge when I would crave salty snacks or dessert and then I would have to be really careful about what I was eating, and sometimes not be able to eat the thing that I was really craving. Anyway, by the end of that month–in conjunction with exercising, I had a pretty flat stomach.

A year later, and I’m going to take the challenge once again. It’ll be good to do because processed foods really need to come out of my diet, and a month without them help to readjust your palate to not crave those foods anyway. On top of which, maybe it’ll kick start me back into a routine of cooking a lot more like I did last year. I started getting pretty creative with my meals, so it’ll be nice to start doing that again. This year they created an Official Guide to eating unprocessed for the month. Check it out and pledge to join the challenge! It all begins tomorrow.