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Dinner Party of One

I cooked a bunch of food today, as I got over ambitious on my last grocery run and bought to much food that has a short shelf life. So I had to cook it all. I made roasted corn, chorizo, and goat cheese empanadas (with a crust from scratch), some chewy chocolate chip cookies, and some red sangria, and then I bought some chips and dip. And then invited a some folks over to eat it.

They didn’t come.

Well a couple people came, but not nearly enough to make a dent in this food. So I’m stuck with two trays of empanadas, a whole bunch of cookies, a big container of sangria, and some tostitos dip that I will probably never eat. I know, I have food for the week, but I still have other food in the fridge that needs to be eaten as well. I could just bring it somewhere and have people it, but I’m too salty to bring it to anyone–they need to bring their behinds over and get it. *I know that is a ridiculous sentiment for someone trying to get rid of food, but shoot, I put all this work in and provided too nice a study break atmosphere for people to just blow me off– so I’ma be childish, kay?*

Anyway, the food was great and I’m stuffed. Guess I should do some work now. *sigh*

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