March Forecast

The main theme for March is Opportunity.

The reason the theme is Opportunity is because the more you see everything as opportunity the better off you will be managing what it is you have to do. And everything is an Opportunity. This forward focus will also keep you from mulling over the past and questioning whether the decisions and choices you made and are making are right. Even if you are sitting in disappointment or loss or the challenge of a major change, look at the opportunity this presents and be inspired…

The action of this month and of the moving centered year demands you have a plan. Wishing and intending is not enough. You have to do something for what you want. The universe will respond to action this month and you can be incredibly productive and prosperous if you just get off the couch. So if you want to get better at something or learn a new skill or manifest a new relationship, you have to take action. This is a dynamic month of connectivity, exchange and movement and there is opportunity around every corner. Say yes to what you may not have considered in the past, take a practical risk, and go for transformation whenever possible. Whatever you think you cannot do, give yourself the opportunity to do it…

The body is a gift and a curse this month. It becomes clear that the body has to come along on this path of practical transformation or you won’t get very far. Your physical body is the most practical and solid tool in your toolbox for this lifetime and it will dictate what it wants and it will show you exactly where your work with it is. This month you will either take the relationship with your body to a new more inspired level or the body will take you down. It is important to give the body every opportunity to transcend the collective agreement about what it is capable of and to support it to reach another level of functioning. Listen to your body and don’t believe everything others tell you. This is your opportunity to reset your relationship with your body in a way that works better for both of you. The opportunity is huge for healing, power, strength and manifesting. You should be inspired and committed to support the body in a new and more disciplined way…

The challenges this month:

  • You could fall into judgment and a lot of negative thinking.
  • Your mind could sabotage feelings of well being by inserting the need to control.
  • You could succumb to crisis and see it as bigger than life with no way out.
  • You could be quick to anger, resentment and martyrdom with impatience just on the other side.
  • You could just give up, not in a good way where you give it over to spirit but in a way that is victimized and blaming.
  • You could become a couch potato, lethargic and apathetic with a bad attitude.
  • You can look at your life as limited instead of seeing the opportunity.

The opportunities this month:

  • You could feel neutral about situations and events that were previously charged.
  • You could reach new levels of power, understanding and transformation.
  • You could manifest great prosperity and luck.
  • You could get your body in gear and bring it along for this fabulous ride.
  • You could turn all of your challenges into opportunities.
  • You could eliminate fear through action and risk.
  • You could become free.


Healing, mending, forgiving, exploring, accepting, birthing, completing and becoming neutral. This is an exciting and dynamic time for relationships; not just relationships between people but the relationship you have with everything. There is an opportunity to move into uncharted territory as relationships move to a new level of exchange, trust and sharing. Whole new and innovative economies are likely to be birthed due to the exploration of and new understanding of relationship. This is a time when the deepest most painful experiences of separation, betrayal and abandonment have the opportunity to begin their path of deep instinctive and emotional healing which will over time rebuild trust and reweave community in a new way.

You can get with the program by focusing on your own healing, forgiveness, acceptance and becoming neutral. It is easier than you think especially if you are willing to let go of the old “story”.

[These were just my favorite parts of the forecast, but you can read it in its entirety, here]