System Check!

After a week of eating garbage, drinking way too much alcohol, and being in constant delirium from not sleeping (aka Mardi Gras), I was hoping that the two weeks post-Mardi Gras/pre-Spring Break would be a time to get my body back in check.

I’ve been trying to catch back up on sleep, but this has been an exercise in futility as all of my professors decided to lay it on EXTRA thick for the next couple weeks. I anticipated some of it via the multiple syllabi and thought I only had one, maybe 2 exams to worry about. Instead I get hit with a 50 page case study, an additional 50 pages of articles, and an expectation of a literature review all in order to make a proposal about the nutrition status of another country to be presented as a power point on (this) Thursday. As well as a ten page final paper reiterating our presentation due next week. All of this on top of a midterm in a class that’s not only incredibly boring and has WAY too much information in each lecture (100+ slides/class, really?) but only has a midterm and a final—AND another class where my professor revels in giving us larger statistical datasets to analyze in short periods of time.

O_O  I guess I’m not going to sleep until spring break. BUT I am forcing myself not to continue to eat garbage AND to exercise 6 out of 7 days of the week.

So I finally went grocery shopping yesterday and bought up the produce isle–lots of greens and fruit–and I’m going to do some green smoothies this week. Maybe two a day until I run out. I’ve already found all the recipes so that I don’t have an excuse to be lazy. Hopefully this will provide a system check on my overstressed body. In addition to my 10-40 min workouts/day, maybe I won’t fall out completely or get sick as a result of not sleeping much.

I will post my smoothie recipe(s) and pictures and the workout I did everyday–mostly as a way of keeping myself accountable (not that too many people read this anyway). But it’s a short 2 week personal challenge that’s totally doable…right?

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