My 30 day challenge has gone to the wind. I haven’t posted my last few workouts, although they’ve been pretty spread out over the last week or two. Moving, trying to catch up on schoolwork, starting work, starting cooking again, etc. has created a crazy sleep deficit that makes me quasi-deep-sleep-narcoleptic. So exercising just hasn’t been happening.

However, I have been eating very well. I wanted to do a month of being a vegan, and that hasn’t been quite up to par between the superbowl and these pizza lunches every Tulane meeting has. But I haven’t been eating very much junk (minus the one trip to Tastee Donuts, which I don’t regret at all). Anyway, I haven’t had any meet minus a bit of seafood and my dairy intake has decreased vastly. I get crazy cravings for cheese and I have mostly ignored them. I think after mardi gras I will commit more fully. Although, honestly, with crawfish season arriving I think my diet will look more like a lactose-intolerant-pescatarian. HA!

Anyway, today’s exercise was an older BodyRockTV workout that I amended. Zuzana took some moves from capoeira, which I started playing about 4 years ago, although I don’t train very consistently anymore. But I added in a few moves:

  • Time: 10 minutes
  • 2 gingas and a queda de rins (finally found the spelling after being taught the wrong pronunciation!!)