30 Day Challenge: Paused

Alright, I’ve been off my game the last couple of days. I missed days 4 and 5 and then this weekend was supposed to be “active rest” days. But I have a good reason, well an okay reason. I’ve been balancing packing up my entire apartment, the second week of school (which really means the first week of actual work), meeting my fellowship application deadlines, and the first week kinda/sorta back at work tutoring. Hence, I didn’t really sleep  at all. In fact, I had a double espresso on both Thursday and Friday, and I typically only do a single shot during finals week.

Excuses aside, I missed those days but I feel like I made up for it quite amply today with my move. U-Haul truck and all, I–and the decent friends who helped me–moved all of my stuff onto the truck, drove to the new place, and walked all that stuff around a corner and up two flights of stairs to my third floor apartment. The steps and the squatting, lifting, and carrying of furniture up and down those steps–the weights from all the bags I was carrying–I got a very full body workout. It was a little lacking in cardio, but I sure will be sleeping soundly tonight (once I unpack/move enough furniture to set up my bed).

Anyway, I will continue my challenge on Monday and move around the workouts as they suit my space and schedule. Now that I’m in an apartment complex and not in my own townhouse, I will have to figure out how much jumping and movement I can do in my apartment without disturbing the people below me. And, as soon as I set up my kitchen, the vegan diet will be in the works.