Who moved my kale chips?

Over winter break I visited my oldest sister in Pittsburgh. We were deciding what to make for dinner–she wanted to make a chicken noodle soup from scratch because a couple of people in the house were sick. But there were no veggies to go with it, and chicken broth alone isn’t enough to make someone with a cold, well.

The only thing in the fridge was kale. I suggested she throw some of it in the hot broth once it was done, and let it wilt, and with the rest I would make kale chips. She hadn’t made them or eaten them before, and neither had her daughter (my 3 year old niece), but it was a hit!

I left Pittsburgh to go to NYC for a couple weeks, and then went back to Pittsburgh. My sister bought a huge bag of kale and asked me to make the chips again so she could learn how to make them too. I made 3 pretty large batches, and everyone in the house went IN. Dinner was kale chips, watermelon, and roasted turkey. My niece, however, only ate kale chips and some watermelon; she could not get enough of the kale chips. In fact, she got really aggressive about the kale chips. When we ran out of the first batch, she was quite vocal about wanting more. And when she finally sat down to dinner, she all but ignored the fact that there was meat on her plate and continued to gorge on the kale chips.

I love that my 3 year old niece is already so crazy about vegetables. If you haven’t tried kale chips yet, you should. They’re super easy to make and really satisfying for the salty/crunchy craving, while supplying some great vitamins and fiber.

Ingredients: fresh kale, olive oil, salt & pepper (or whatever seasoning you want on it) Directions: spread some kale on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, drizzle some olive oil on it and sprinkle with the seasonings. Throw it in the over on 350˚ until its crispy and then eat to your heart’s content.