Month: January 2012

30 Day Challenge: Continued

I’m not sure what day I would call this. I guess based on posts it would be day 4, but I did do all that physical labor from moving to a new apartment on the third floor. But, let’s err on the side of doing more work than less and call it DAY 4. I was following the workouts on the 30 day challenge posted to, but their workouts are starting to get too equipment-y. It pretty much used to be just bodyweight workouts and maybe a pull up bar, dip station, or sandbag on occasion. But now they’re getting kind of OD on equipment adding new things that they never used before. I say all that to say I modified the first workout for their ‘week 2’ so that I didn’t need any equipment, not much space, and was friendly for the people living below me. Day 4: Time Challenge 50 high knees 30 one legged push-ups (15 per leg) 50 high knees 15 wide push ups 50 high knees 15 star push …

Poisonous People

Everyone has them in their lives: the people who just create drama, anxiety, hurt, mild or extreme irritation, and so on in your existence. Many people, myself included, seem to have a doormat written on our foreheads that say ‘welcome;’ we’ve invited that mess in. One of those messages that I wrote on paper and burned on new year’s eve was to treat myself better–physically, mentally, emotionally–and, thus far, I’ve been doing a decent job. I mean it’s only the third week of the new year. But in light of recent events, I think I need to amp that up. I need to figure out what kind of energy I’m putting out in the atmosphere that says to people–please, come mess with me, stir up my life, create negativity, generate feelings of insecurity, throw me off step, cloud my thoughts with juvenile crap, distract me from what I want and need. Conversely, I need to figure out why I allow any of that mess to consume as much time and energy as I do. I …

30 Day Challenge: Paused

Alright, I’ve been off my game the last couple of days. I missed days 4 and 5 and then this weekend was supposed to be “active rest” days. But I have a good reason, well an okay reason. I’ve been balancing packing up my entire apartment, the second week of school (which really means the first week of actual work), meeting my fellowship application deadlines, and the first week kinda/sorta back at work tutoring. Hence, I didn’t really sleep  at all. In fact, I had a double espresso on both Thursday and Friday, and I typically only do a single shot during finals week. Excuses aside, I missed those days but I feel like I made up for it quite amply today with my move. U-Haul truck and all, I–and the decent friends who helped me–moved all of my stuff onto the truck, drove to the new place, and walked all that stuff around a corner and up two flights of stairs to my third floor apartment. The steps and the squatting, lifting, and carrying …

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

After this workout, I am exhausted! In my environmental class today, my professor mentioned how muscle cramps result from sweating and rehydrating without replacing the electrolytes during his discussion of osmosis (which, wasn’t new information). Ironically, as soon as I finished this workout my body just about gave out. I was shaky and nauseous, and it was mostly a muscle workout. I ate a banana, but tomorrow I’m going to have to buy some coconut water. Young, Wild, & Free Workout: 3 Round of 15 Reps/exercise/per side Low jacks press Single arm lateral raise/lunge Fireman’s lift Single arm press lunge Time: 28:37

30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Today’s workout was a little bit insane with all of the combinations. I had to watch the video twice before I did it so that I could remember them all. 12 minute interval training, 12 rounds of 50 sec work and 10 sec rest: Watch the video 10 high knees & 10 mountain climbers: 5.5 sets 2 squat jumps, 2 push ups, 1 tuck jump: 4 sets centre to elbow jump (L/R) & 2 leg jumps: 6 sets clean/press/squat/press & push up: 4 sets 5 tuck jumps & 5 half burpee, squat holds: 2 sets spider knee push up & straight leg push up (L/R): 6 sets switch lunge & press: 12 sets 2 side lunges, L/R side punch, 2 tuck jumps: 7 sets 10 squats & 10 squat jumps: 1 set 10 elbow to knee jumps on each side: 2.75 sets wide leg jumps & push up: 14 sets speed run: wasn’t worth counting, lol