Today was a good day

in the end. it started out anonymously. and by that i mean i received an anonymous message via tumblr telling me that someone that I had thought I’d become cool with again (after a couple of bullshit years in undergrad) is STILL talking shit about me to other people and is apparently telling people some very personal business about me. This concerns me for more than one reason, the big one being that I don’t actually tell this person personal information about myself because i still DON’T trust him from the first go around. which means any personal business is coming from a good friend i thought i could trust or one other person who i’ve only recently realized i don’t really like that much but can’t really get away from.

so it was a shitty start to the day—feeling betrayed and dealing with some really juvenile drama. i really don’t understand why my life and my business is still SO fascinating to this person. my mother’s theory is that he just wants what he can’t have. 

ANYWAY, after frying my first green tomato today (yum) i went and did a good thing this afternoon and donated blood. for whatever reason my blood was just gushing out (sorry for the graphic nature), but i filled that bag so quickly the nurses didn’t even anticipate it and all of a sudden they were rushing to cut off blood flow. i guess my body was in a generous, giving spirit today. to top it off, i got a free movie ticket and t-shirt out of it.

today was the po-boy festival, and after i realized no one i knew was going/responding to me, i decided i was gonna suck it up and go by myself. after almost turning around and going home more than once, i got there around 4:30 and with a stroke of good timing, ran into 4 girls from school. so in the end i didn’t have to spend the afternoon by myself, and instead got some really great company from people i wanted to get to know better anyway. 

so after stuffing myself with 3 po-boys (hot sausage w/ mustard; the godfather: sausage, meatballs, brisket, parmesan, and basil; and a cochon de lait with coleslaw) and buying the best damn brownie i’ve had (triple chocolate with WHISKEY!!!!), we went and watched a little bit of the rebirth brass band. 

then came the best part of the evening, which shouldn’t have been as funny as it was. picture this: the guys selling beer push around these massive plastic carts filled with beer. one guy jumps up on top of cart balancing on the edges of cart rim (barely any surface area) while dancing; it was pretty impressive. random white chick decides she wants to join in, so she very wobbly gets up on the cart rim as well. everyone stands by apprehensively waiting for her to fall. she gets up successfully and starts wiggling and shimmying like the beer guy and everyone cheers her on. then as she looks like she’s making the wise decision to get off the cart, she actually side steps herself around so that she can booty dance with him, bent over, while he slaps her ass. after the audience hesitates in her fumbling to turn around they erupt in cheers when she starts dancing again and beer guy starts slapping her ass. this all lasts for about 25 seconds, at which point she falls halfway into the bucket and sends a splash of icy water up into the air. 

you can only guess how hard a crowd of mostly black folks were laughing as this white woman (who shouldn’t have been up booty dancing on the edge of an unstable cart in the first place) plunged to the ground head first. she’s lucky she fell part way into the bucket, otherwise her ass woulda hit the cement.

i’m still cracking up!!!!

anyway, pictures::

Friend green tomatoes and a homemade remoulade sauce with scrambled eggs


cochon de lait and coleslaw po boy

whiskey brownie!