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emotional eating

guilty. oh, so guilty. i’ve been doing this month on no processed foods, having to read ingredients on things more often than I would normally because it isn’t just about whether it’s on the somewhat healthy scale, but how many chemical additives are in the food as well. Anyway, it’s been a pretty good month, and overall it’s been pretty easy to stick with it. I may have slipped up once or twice on little things but nothing major.

today, however, i’m feeling kinda bleh. i won’t say depressed, but yea, kinda depressed, for no reason in particular. and i just want to dig into this halloween candy sitting on the table we bought for trick or treaters. 

i always set my eye on this goal of fitness, and maybe can stick pretty well to eating right, but the exercise portion of it is what usually prevents me from getting over that hump. that and getting sad and wanting to eat baked goods (which I usually spend hours baking first) and other junk. 

i should look into emotional exercising…

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