Russel Simmons has the nerve to be at Occupy Wall Street when he’s a part of shit like this: 

Prepaid cards like the RushCard have all the fees associated with the worst bank accounts but don’t encourage you to develop a banking relationship that helps you develop assets,” said Ed Mierzwinski, director of the consumer program at U.S. PIRG, a federation of state Public Interest Research Groups. “That particular card has practically a fee for looking at it.” 
This card is of benefit to NO ONE except Simmons and he has the nerve to complain about banks! Here is the fee structure for a RUSHCARD: 
Monthly Plan: 
– 3.95-14.95 one time fee 
– 9.95 monthly fee ($120 a year for a prepaid credit card?) Most “evil” banks don’t charge that much for a regular card. 
– 1.00 every time you use your pin number at a point of sale. 
– .50 balance inquiry fee 
– 2.50 atm fee for every withdrawl after the first two of the month. (doesn’t include atm owner fee) 
– 2.00 to enroll in bill pay 
– 1.00 for each bill pay