Month: October 2011

What we (don’t) discuss in my MPH program

Three of my professors have MENTIONED the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. By mentioned, I mean just that, they’ve either said the words ‘Tuskegee Syphilis Study’ or painted some oversimplified, less severe, version of what actually happened. That one professor said that the problems with this ‘incident’ were these doctors (no specification of their race) didn’t practice informed consent, and that the participants were “mainly low-income, uneducated minorities from rural Alabama.”  UM…first of all the US Public Health Service was involved in this study, and other professional groups and services (AMA and NMA) continued to support the study (design flaws and all) well into the 1960s. The “mainly low-income, uneducated minorities from rural Alabama” were ALL BLACK MEN, all 600 of them. And NO there was no informed consent, there were just outright lies, as not only did they tell the men that they were being treated for what they called “bad blood” but physicians who joined the study were told specifically NOT to treat the men for their syphilis, which could have been treated with penicillin. …

infinitecosmia: thephrygiancap: Police State Brutality @OCCUPYOAKLAND OPD have been denying up and down that they didn’t use any rubber bullets or flash grenades, when clearly all the evidence is there. A year ago if people saw these photos, they wouldn’t believe this was on American soil. The media somehow has convinced people to ignore this and go about their day. Nothing wrong here citizens, move along.

El Pipila, Guanajuato, Mexico this was the city I went to the only time I’ve visited mexico and I loved it! But…el pipila is really the ginormous statue at the top of the hill (a hill that forces you to walk up mad narrow stairs), although this is pretty indicative of what guanajuato looks too.