Health Ethics

please tell me why i’m sitting in a class where the only discussion of ethics in public health takes the form of a 7 slide lecture? AND the first slide was some bullshit bullet points about the tuskegee study. first of all he glossed over so many of the inherent problems with that study, and made them sound like the investigators simply made some oversights/mistakes and didn’t intentionally target black males that they considered subhuman enough to treat worse than lab rats.

THEN he wants to call the target population of the tuskegee study “mainly low-income, uneducated, minorities.”

the fuck?

they weren’t just minorities, it was specifically black men in rural alabama who were targeted by white doctors BECAUSE they were black. he made it sound like they just happened to be minorities. 

AND then he didn’t even address the fact that because they didn’t know their status with syphilis or the effects of syphilis they spread it to their wives and other people and contributed to even more deaths.

this class, this department is just TOO uncritical for me. abuses of african americans and other minority and vulnerable populations is serious and continued even after the belmont report came out that supposedly defined ethical practices. it persists to this day and is a major contributor to health disparities since people don’t trust the medical profession.