F_ck Tolerance: a post from “i guess im radical”

A website contributed to by some obies. I have no idea if it’s all oberlin students, but this article just reminds me of how much things change and yet things stay the same:

So, the discussion of safe spaces (their use, their accessibility, their “exclusivity”, etc.) comes up here at Oberlin every few months. Something always brings this conversation back up- vandalism, anonymous web-forums, flat-out misconceptions and bad-mouthing, and also our own poor representations of the spaces.

Every so often, people will make crude comments about how “we” segregate ourselves in spaces like Third World House  (TWH) or Afrikan Heritage House (A-House) , or how these spaces create hostility towards white folk, OR even how these spaces are actually counterproductive to the advancement of any marginalized community. Every so often, people will explain that “we,” once again, need to just become a part of the greater Oberlin College campus, and that “we” are unwilling to connect with members of other communities, and time after time I have to explain, “that ‘we’ are not self-segregating” but that “we” are “living in a house that provides us with a space to critically think about and discuss forms of oppression, forms of combating oppression, our own identities, our privileges, our own struggles, etc,” you know the spiel. I then sit there with a bad taste in my mouth wondering why this is the 18th time I’ve had to defend and explain my safe space THIS YEAR.

F_ck Tolerance: a post from “i guess im radical”