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*in a cee-lo scream:* FOLLOW ME!

interesting. because of the new tumblr format (that isn’t really new anymore in internet time), i can’t really tell when new people follow me anymore. not that i get the hoards of followers that many of the blogs i follow get where they have thousands of followers and all (i have like 40 something). but when i started this blog 2 years ago, it wasn’t to follow anyone, it was for my friends/family to keep up with me while traveling—i barely knew any of the tumblr features—and i posted maybe (maybe) once a day, unlike folks who post once every five minutes. 

but anyway, all that to say, since i figured out how to check followers in this new format, and realize i have new ones since the last time i saw it (like 10)—-thanx for finding whatever i’m doing/writing/posting interesting enough to follow.

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