One Step Closer

We got to New Orleans Wednesday evening and unloaded the truck after many stares from neighbors and rejected offers to help us unpack [my dad turned them down since he didn’t want anyone to have the rundown of our townhouse and what was inside, LOL]

My mom, who followed a few hours behind got to New Orleans just in time to avoid doing ANY unpacking and sit on the re-assembled day bed, which is now our couch in the living room.

After all the unpacking and moving our townhouse is starting to fill out and come together. We’re still missing some things, of course—brooms, trashcans, lamps, internet, etc.—but soon enough it will be what we call home for the next two years.

The last dilemma I really have to deal with is the bed issue. Right now I have a futon in my room with an old mattress. I was just going to buy a new futon mattress but one that would be comfy enough to sleep on for the next two years was $350 with the cover. I went to look at getting an actual full sized bed, and that was $400. Fifty dollars and I can have a whole new brand bed with a pillow top mattress!

SO, I guess I have some decisions to make and it may be easier than I thought since a friend of a friend is looking to GIVE away his queen sized mattress set (as long as we find a way to go pick it up).

Last items on checklist—register for classes, find a job