It Just Got Real!

I’ve decided that my blog needs to have a bit more substance (like when I started it 2 years ago) than of late with my multiple re-blogs. I also haven’t written in a bit anyway.

I left NYC last Friday and got to come home to the warm (hot), beachy, emerald waters of Destin. I drove over to my new home for the next two years, New Orleans, and saw my new townhouse apartment. It is gi-normous. I’m dumb excited and I have a great housemate. We drove back on Monday and began pulling all the furniture and things that my parents would let us take to furnish our apartment. Today, we’re going to go pick up the UHaul, load up the truck, and drive it all back to New Orleans —with the help of my parents, of course. So, in a few short hours, we will have furniture in our apartment, and by this time next week, we should be pretty well situated.

While I’m excited to be moving on, growing up, what have you—it feels so much more real. I’ve been out of college for a year, I roughed in NYC for a year, but now it feels real having finally signed my own lease, whereas before I was subletting, and now thinking about buying a REAL queen sized bed. It’s also tripping me out emptying my bedroom from my parents house and packing it all up, because it’s always been there waiting for me to come home.

In a few weeks I start my master’s program, will be paying ALL the bills, looking for a job or two on the side, and getting my (first) loans (ever) dispensed to pay said bills—I guess I really am growing up.