Month: August 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Most of my birthdays have been kind of a bust. Make plans, they fall through, they have glitches, have an underwhelming birthday. The best birthday I’ve had was when I was 13—so yea, I was 10 years due for a great birthday! My sweet 16th happened to coincide with the first football game of the season and a trip most of my friends went on, 17th cookout with picky eaters, 18th-went to visit friends in CA who forgot it was my birthday, skip 19th/20th, 21st-plans went ape shit, and my good friend tried to make up the difference. she definitely made a valiant effort and i appreciated it but she had WAYYY to much on her plate that week ending her summer and getting ready for the start of the semester, so things didn’t go quite as planned.  22nd—moved to NYC, alone, had a friend come into the city. so while i wasn’t completely alone, it was still largely underwhelming. So I think I was due a good birthday. And even though it may not …

emerald waters

it’s funny, because we moved to florida in 2003, and in all that time, i’ve never gone swimming for real in the gulf. the ocean is literally a five minute drive from my house, and while i’ve gone and sat on the beach, waded in the water, or jumped in the waves (and even then, pretty infrequently), it wasn’t until this morning that I went for an actual swim. i’ve truly been wasting time. i got up early this morning telling myself to go to the beach (even though i’m by myself) because i’m going back to new orleans tomorrow. so i finally mustered up the will to put on a bathing suit, pack a chair and umbrella, a book, and my goggles and go. it was just so beautiful. at 8:30 in the morning, the tourists aren’t there yet, nor the children, nor the women begging for melanoma. the beach was empty and the water was serene and perfectly clear (no floating algae, nothing). it was early enough that it wasn’t too hot (still …

*in a cee-lo scream:* FOLLOW ME!

interesting. because of the new tumblr format (that isn’t really new anymore in internet time), i can’t really tell when new people follow me anymore. not that i get the hoards of followers that many of the blogs i follow get where they have thousands of followers and all (i have like 40 something). but when i started this blog 2 years ago, it wasn’t to follow anyone, it was for my friends/family to keep up with me while traveling—i barely knew any of the tumblr features—and i posted maybe (maybe) once a day, unlike folks who post once every five minutes.  but anyway, all that to say, since i figured out how to check followers in this new format, and realize i have new ones since the last time i saw it (like 10)—-thanx for finding whatever i’m doing/writing/posting interesting enough to follow.