F*** the UPS store!

after 5-6 years of shipping with ups, i am done. First, they’re gonna overcharge me for shipping two boxes, which I bought from the ups store itself. I have NEVER been charged that much for just two boxes, both with easy dimensions, even with 50 – 70 lb in weight.  Then this store is gonna refuse to ship my luggage as is. He said I had to pay a $50 packaging fee. Are you kidding me? You work in a damn BOX store, why do I have to pay you to put my luggage in a BOX? What is so damn difficult about putting it in a box that it is worth $50 in your labor?

So I took my luggage back and paid for the boxes. But I shouldn’t have even done that. I was too pissed to think straight and got WAY overcharged for two goddamn boxes! On top of which, he didn’t even give me the itemized receipt with the weights and everything on it, so I can’t even verify if he was just fucking with me.

I got back in the car on my way home and my friend happened to spot a 24 hour fedex. First of all, I shoulda gone there from jump since they’re open 24 hours, and I wouldn’t have had to be hauling ass to make UPS’s lame hours. Second of all, they were SOOO much cheaper. My suitcase (which was about the same size as the box in terms of dimensions), weight 14 pounds more than one of the boxes. Here’s the kicker, it cost almost $30 LESS to ship it the same fucking distance. I WAS PISSED! If the UPS store hadn’t been closed by then, I would’ve gone back, gotten my boxes back from them (and my money) and taken it to fedex. I probably could’ve saved myself a good $50 too.

DAMN! UPS isn’t getting ANY more of my business. You’d think after shipping with them for 5-6 years, and giving them hundreds of dollars in business, they would have some sort of frequent shipper discount. But these assholes are stupid. They lost my business!