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Cooking & Baking out my Kitchen

Even though my cookies turned out kinda shitty (they’re hard, and no, I didn’t over bake them), I learned a bit more about ingredients and baking and how to make good cookies. I made this same recipe a few weeks ago and they were the best batch I’ve made to date—soft and chewy (even after they cooled). I realize the only thing I did different was a few weeks ago, I didn’t have enough white sugar that the recipe called for, so I filled the rest with brown sugar. Not only did I use more brown sugar, but it was dark brown sugar. This time I used raw sugar cane crystals. The moisture content makes for shitty cookies. Lesson learned.


I also made zucchini/squash/black bean burritos:

Fried eggplant, and fresh squeezed ginger lemonade

Overall, a success

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