i love/hate new york

i love new york

i was walking to the subway after my last dance class with my samba teacher having this moment where i felt like i would really miss new york city. i finally found a great group of people, a dance community, and have finally learned the city well enough to feel comfortable taking advantage of all it has to offer.

i hate new york

well that moment came to an abrupt end when i got to the subway and waited for a B/D train to come for a good twenty minutes. finally i got frustrated of being down there and seeing a zillion E trains come, and i went up and walked to columbus circle, which is where i would’ve had to transfer anyway (since the B probably wasn’t running…too late). in my pissed mood, i resorted to emotional eating and got a frosty from wendy’s


i am totally disturbed by the fact that when i went to order a frosty, they asked me “vanilla or chocolate” NO, NO NO NO NO! when i say frosty, i mean FROSTY—AS IN CHOCOLATE. fuck this vanilla shit!! frosty can only mean chocolate, and if you have the nerve to order some of that vanilla bullshit, then you put the qualifier “vanilla” on it. but if i say motherfucking frosty, you better know that means the original, before they got the bright idea to incorporate that on the menu. NOT TO MENTION, the fact that it now comes in a plastic container? what happened to the yellow cup?


so after i get to columbus circle feeling thankful that an A train came very shortly on the local track, they gonna tell me that a rail is broken on 110th st (my stop) and all trains are running express to 125th. son.of.a.bitch. really? REALLY? now my ass has to walk from 125th down to 110th because if i stand in the damn subway and wait for one more train, i am literally going to have a public temper tantrum…kicking shit (mostly air), throwing shit, and all. and someone will have to arrest me.

so i’m sure you can picture me stalking down 8th avenue with this PISSED look on my face because it has taken me over an hour to go from 53rd/7th ave to 110th/8th ave. utter BS. and i was just daring any man i walked by to tell me to smile loud enough for me to hear, because i was NOT the one.

whew! so that i love new york moment passed. violently. damn.