be mysterious

so if any of you “stumble” with stumbleupon, you sometimes get these lists of life secrets They generally sound something like “learn to relax,” “meditate 20 minutes every day,” “smile more often,” “read more books,” and so on and so forth. well me and my infinite boredom and affinity to some good old fashioned crayola markers and multicolored scraps of paper, decided to amalgamate my favorite of those bits of wisdom, and using different colors and handwriting styles, make a collage of them on my wall. everyday i have to look at them.

One of them says to “be mysterious.” hell, I’m not even sure how one decides to be mysterious and all. does it involve a practiced look? or maybe being purposefully withholding. moreover I’ve just been wondering if one can even learn to be mysterious or is it a quality you have to be born with like comedic timing.

anyway, apparently I am quite mysterious according to the guy I was out with tonight. he just kept saying it. he would just look straight at me and shake his head and say that i was mysterious; that there was much more about me that he had to learn.

*smile* well….one life secret down.