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Oat Bran & Palm Oil

I had this nutty craving for a cereal I used to eat when I was younger, cracklin’ oat bran. Why any kid used to voluntarily eat a cereal with the words ‘oat bran’ in it is beyond me, but I loved it. So I went to a regular store (you know whole foods and trader joe’s don’t be carrying anything normal) and luckily found a box.

I went home and was chowing down on this cereal when I decided to glance at the ingredients. WHY?! After ‘whole oats’ and ‘wheat bran’ comes ‘brown sugar’ (okay brown sugar, no big deal), then the whopper ‘palm oil’  PALM OIL?!?!?! Why the hell is there palm oil in my cereal, and more importantly, why the hell is it the FOURTH ingredient. Followed by palm oil is oat bran, and then, of course, MORE sugar—-corn syrup, and sugar.

Well damn! That’s why I chowed down on this shit as a kid. With three types of sugar in the first two lines of ingredients and then palm oil, Kellogg’s pulled another fast one on me claiming to be all healthy and shit and then loading it up with saturated fat and sugar. Honestly, I just don’t understand why palm oil was even necessary as an ingredient. It was like they just decided to shove it in there for the hell of it.

Anyway, I’m still chowing on this box until I finish it. It still has a good deal of fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals :/ But I guess I won’t be buying another box of this. *sigh*

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