I don’t like flakey people in general, but I’m about to be a Grade A FLAKE tomorrow. My boss asked me to come in (i.e. go to brooklyn) to do a walk through of the school we’re holding an event at. He told me this two weeks ago like it was known information, but I already had plans for tomorrow.

I should’ve just been smart and told him I was leaving for my vacation friday night (tonight) and wouldn’t be available saturday, but at the same time, when I told him the truth (that I will be busy dancing in a parade all day saturday), he wants to insist that I be there.

My dumb ass tries to reluctantly show him that it wouldn’t be in my best interest time wise because the walk through is all deep in BedStuy and the parade starts on 21st in manhattan, but he still insisted. I feel like it was really unfair and inconsiderate to first of all, ask me to come in on a Saturday knowing full and well that I live in HARLEM, but then to insist that I take an hour train ride out there to do a walk through that I can do in two weeks (when I HAVE to be there, and have set aside time for), when I made it clear that I have to be back in the city by NOON.

He wanted to start the meeting at 10:30!!! What a waste of time, especially since everyone’s always on MFing CP time and we don’t get started until 11AM.

So I’m just not going. My alarm just won’t go off because my cell phone will die in the middle of the night and my alarm clock is my cell phone.

I have so much ish to do tomorrow, not only to get ready for the parade, but for the fact that I’m leaving for a week long vacation tomorrow night and have to finish packing, doing laundry, buying food for the road trip, and making sure I have everything I need.

I know…leisure time shouldn’t supersede work. But eff that, I’m Americorps, they don’t pay me enough for this bullshit.