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Final Day!! Body Rock Challenge Day 20

Today was the last day of my body rock personal challenge. I did every workout and challenge that I said I would, minus one from when I got sick and couldn’t move. I’m pretty proud of myself, and what’s better is I’m already seeing results. I’m going to try and make her workouts a part of my daily routine!


Halo of Sweat Workout
12 minutes

My Reps:

1. Sumo Jump Knee Up: 14, 13, 11

2. Sumo Pulse Calve Raise: 24, 21, 20

3. Reptile on the Run: 28, 23, 18

4. Reptile Push Up: 4, 5, 4

5. Knee Hugs: 15, 11, 11

6. Ab burn out: 31, 27, 24

Dive Bombers Exercise Challenge
10 Minutes

My Reps: 41

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