Body Rock Challenge Day 13

Today’s workout & challenge were very part specific. The mountain climbers really made my legs tired (and if I’d been tightening my abs as much as I was supposed to, it would’ve been an ab workout), and the pull ups/push up combo obviously got my upper body. So I’m not THAT strong upper body wise, so my pull ups were chair assisted. I didn’t do any of them from a dead hang. The first few I jumped up and kicked/wiggled until I got my chin above the bar. For the rest of them I stepped up on the chair to get myself above the chair and then worked on lowering myself slowly and controlled back into a dead hang position (so I guess they’d be reverse pull-ups).


Somewhere I Belong Workout
12 minutes

Completed 26 Reps

Mountain Climbers 500 Rep Exercise Challenge (room)
Time Challenge

My Time = 11:42