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Uh, yea, so I quit

I’m not really good at quitting things, because I feel like a failure, and then I just kinda end up beating myself up—which isn’t AT ALL productive. BUT, after much reading and contemplating, I think I’m done with this Master cleanse. I feel kinda like a punk, especially since I’m only on the second day of the lemonade portion, and everyone says by the 3rd or 4th day, it gets much easier. However, I did do that lengthy “ease-in” process, so my stomach hasn’t had anything solid since Sunday, so I don’t feel like it was a complete loss.

I’m not going to give up on the idea of detoxifying/cleansing over the next one or two weeks, but it will definitely be less extreme. I’m thinking trying a vegan diet and no processed foods for the next week, and then easing out of that back to my normal omnivorous diet, moving vegetarian, and then incorporating meat.

But my goal is long-term, and that is to try and incorporate new foods (new vegetables), try new recipes, and re-balance my overall diet to be more plant based than animal based, and at least get my raw foods intake to at least 40% (maybe 50%? idk).

I think, overall, this is a more healthy solution than this lemonade diet + laxatives and salt water flush, which is really pretty nutrient deficient, too high in sugar (you end up drinking at least 3/4 cup of maple syrup every day if you only drink 6 cups of lemonade, and more than a cup and a half if you do 12—disgusting), and not engaging the right parts of your body.

I totally believe in naturopathic medicine, seeing as how that’s the next degree I would like to pursue, but not enough naturopaths or physicians have supported the lemonade diet as being too great for you. There are a lot of contra-indications, and although it has worked well for people that I even know, 1) I just don’t think I’m that lucky, and 2) who knows what the long term health effect of this are. So, I quit. Although, sometime later this year (probably in the summer) I may try a colon cleanse product. Who knows?

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