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Lemonade Dinner, Chocolate Laxative Tea Dessert

Today was my first day of the Lemonade Diet master Cleanse. I honestly didn’t think this silly senna leaf tea would do anything, but I was gravely mistaken this morning…and this afternoon. I guess this is just going to be my life for 9 more days.

The lemonade actually doesn’t taste too bad, which is a plus since it’s all I’ll really be “eating” for the next 9 days.

Tomorrow will be more of an adventure than today, and will give me the FULL picture of what life (all 9 remaining days) will be like on this diet. Tomorrow I do the first salt water flush. I’m not even sure I can drink the entire liter of salt water without gagging, let alone handle the after effects. BUT, I gotta try, right?

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